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Edgy, not snarky. Gritty, not shitty. We know that, even when we’re running against each other, we’re all runners—we all know what the burn feels like, or what burn-out feels like. We understand that to be a runner is to embrace the suck, to even love the suck. The dirt, the puke, the turtleheading. Let’s laugh about it! We take the running seriously, not ourselves.

So if our language is a little unpolished from time to time, it’s done deliberately, strategically, and with good humor. We don’t cuss just to cuss. We don’t take potshots at one another. We’re just here to be honest about how running is work—grueling, unglamorous work—with a big-ass payoff that we should all be pushing each other to experience.

If our product is doing its job right, a runner shouldn’t notice it at all. So while everything we create should ultimately be in the service of selling more gear, the gear doesn’t have to be front and center, either: it can be, and maybe even should be, a supporting character in the story we’re telling. No one completes the Boston Marathon by the power of their shorts, so let’s not say that our shorts will get you across the finish line. Let’s just say that our shorts will still be there—aesthetically cupping your exhausted, sweaty, nasty ass—when you do.

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