Art doesn’t just happen.  If someone already created artwork for you email it to  Our designer will check it out.  

If no edits are needed you won’t get charged 🎉

If minor edits are needed (this will be determined by our designer but for perspective an hour or less is minor: The first 15 minutes is on us!🥳

After that you are charged in 15 minutes increments - $15 per 15 minutes…not to worry, we monitor our time very closely….we need every second. 

If major edits are needed (more than an hour) you still get the first 15 minutes on us!! Whoop whoop!!  After that we are back to $15 per 15 minutes or 900 seconds. 

If you need us to create an original artwork masterpiece guess what?!?! 😝

The first 15 minutes…’s on us!!!!!! We will work really fast to create something spectacular. But it could take more than 15 minutes. Sooooo, after that first 15, you guessed it, $15 per 15 minutes. 

How do we estimate time needed to complete artwork? We are glad you asked.  Our designer uses a very complicated algorithm with lots of numbers and letters and a calculator…..not really.  He just has a lot of years of experience as a designer and knows these things. 

Call, e-mail or text us right now and we will give you an estimate…...unless it is in the middle of the night.  If so we are likely sleeping and you will have to wait until tomorrow. 😴